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Transfers are arranged through a third party and is available twice a day, Speed boat transfer take 50 to 80 minutes from Airport to Rasdhoo island.

Upon confirmation of your reservation, we will provide you with the information of boat location and boat name, our guests also have the option to book airport representatives for arrival and departure.

Malé & Airport to Rasdhoo'

Malé Departure Terminal: Jetty No. 1, Male’ (In front of MMA) via Airport Harbour
Departure Day: Saturday to Thursday

Morning Speedboat 10:25am (Airport Harbour 10:30am)

Afternoon Speedboat 16:25pm (Airport Harbour 16:30)

Departure Day: Friday

Morning Speedboat 09:25am (Airport Harbour 09:30am)

Afternoon Speedboat 16:25pm (Airport Harbour 16:30pm)

Rasdhoo to Malé & Airport

Rasdhoo Departure Terminal: Rasdhoo Harbour/Port
Departure Day: Saturday to Thursday

Morning Speedboat 07:25am

Afternoon Speedboat 13:25pm

Departure Day: Friday

Morning Speedboat 07:25am

Afternoon Speedboat 14:25pm

Useful Information

Currency & Payment

The local currency in the Maldives is called Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR), however you will find businesses pricing in US Dollar (USD).
We accept payment by credit card, online payment link and cash.

Kindly note for Card & online payment a commission of 4.5% of the total amount is charged with each transaction

Mobile & WiFi Service
The island has a very good mobile network coverage and we have WiFi. We provide free WiFi to our guests and while not always guaranteed, most of the connections are usable in your room in addition to the public areas.


Attire & Conduct

With the sun shining year round and high temperatures, you can pack your bag with your most beautiful bikinis and your favorite summer dresses and clothes, that said we do request our guests to respect our local culture and customs and wear coverups when in public places.

Useful Information
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